Pico Appeal: Aaron Berger

We asked new PicoCluster owner Aaron Berger a few questions about his experience with the PicoKit – our Do It Yourself (DIY) version of the PicoCluster.  Here are our questions and Aaron’s answers:

PC: How did you hear about PicoCluster?

Aaron: I saw a tweet about the PicoCluster and loved the idea. I inquired about buying a kit and supplying my own boards as I had some Odroid devices I wanted to use instead of Raspberry Pi’s.  Kits were made available and I purchased one.

PC: What compelled you to buy a PicoCluster?

Aaron: The ability to build a small cluster on my own. The DIY kit was a great selling point!

PC: What have you done with your PicoCluster so far?

Aaron: So far I have used it to build a system for processing data sets. It has also cleaned up my work space.

PC: What are some of the projects you plan on doing with your PicoCluster in the future?

Aaron: I plan on continuing using it for playing with distributed programming languages.  MPI, etc.

PC: Do you have any suggestions for us?

Aaron: One suggestion I have would be to add either vent holes and/or a place for a fan.

PC: Will you send us pictures of what you are doing with your PicoCluster to share with our community?

Aaron: Got my Picokit from PicoCluster. My Odroid C1,1+,and 2 have a new home.


Aaron: My Odroid PicoKit is up and running.

odroid PicoCluster

Aaron: This is a photo of my PicoCluster.  It contains 3 Odroid boards: Odroid C1, Odroid C1+, and an Odroid C2.  I added OLED displays for each board and attached them to the case side.

AB Odroid Cluster