Our First Weekly Winner – Facebook Contest

In case you didn’t know, we have a Facebook contest going right now.  For 4 weeks, we will be encouraging people to LIKE our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/PicoCluster), SHARE the contest post on your timeline, and COMMENT on the contest post.  In return, each week you will be entered to win an awesome prize AND get an entry for our GRAND PRIZE – a 3-Node PicoCluster!  PicoCluster 3-node

We just finished week 1 of this contest and we have our 1st winner!  Unfortunately, many people didn’t follow all of the rules, so there weren’t as many entrants as there could have been.  However, that means those who did follow the rules had a much better chance of winning.  Nikolay Kolev won the 1st week prize – a PicoCluster t-shirt!

PicoCluster t-shirt

And It Begins

The PicoCluster – a cluster of Raspberry Pi 2’s – has been in development for a while now.  We have built clusters with as few as 3 nodes and as many as 100 nodes.  We have worked through challenges, solved problems, and shared our PicoClusters with many people.  And now we are on the home-stretch.  We are almost ready to set a launch date!  Stay tuned for updates, pictures, videos, and an opportunity to own your very own PicoCluster!